“Cute and Easy Nail Designs To Enjoy” Sometimes you may just want some simple nails, but with a touch of creativity. With that in mind, you should expect to see exactly that on all these nails. Also, these 25 nail designs are great for those that do not like too much going on, with their nails.

What is also great about these nail designs is that you can do them yourselves if you want to. These designs are great practice for those that are new at doing nail designs.


Open Space Swirl and French Tips

A nail design that uses a cute blue-green color, to recreate this design, you will only have to paint two medium-size curvy bubbles.


Blue Swirl

These nails could have been just that light blue color, but instead, the nail artist added a simple darker blue curved line in the middle.


Long Tip French Tips

If you like French Tips, then here is a design that puts a cool twist to them. A regular French tip would end at the start of the fingernail, but this design lengthens the end of one tip.


Simple French Tips and Swirls

A nail design that is simple but chic by having classic French tips and the trendy swirl design.


Just a Black Line

Why not add something different to the classic white French tips by painting a black line down the middle.


V-Shaped French Tips

If you appreciate clean, crisp designs, then I am sure that you will love this one. This set of nails brings a new modern look to your usual curved French tips.


Little Brown Hearts

Hearts are one of those designs that are easy to recreate because, with a dotting tool alone, you can create any size heart you want.


Up and Down French Tips

A cute and simple set of turquoise nails.


Golden Lines

Here is a futuristic look on these beautiful French Tips.


Multi-Colored Swirls

Swirly lines with complementary colors. This nail design has a nice warm fall feeling to it.


White Leopard Design

A set of nails with a light pink and white ombre on two fingernails and a stylish leopard design on one nail.


Burnt Orange Flowers

A pretty flower nail design with one nail that has a French tip. Flowers are also another design that can be created with a dotting tool.


A Simple Double French Tip Design

Simple and clean is what this nail design is. To add something a little different to the nails, the nail artist painted a half-moon strip of gold nail polish.


French Tips With Negative Space

Another nail design with French tips, but with a twist. This one is focusing on the outline of the French tips.


Partial Tips

Why do a full French tip when you can paint a partial one.

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Double Color Elongated Tips

Mix up the French tip by adding two colors. This design is easily achieved by painting a diagonal line on one side of the nail and filling it in, then you will do the same on the other side of the nail.


Black Curved Designs

A design similar to the swirls nail art or a cow print design. This one also can be done with a dotting tool alone. All you have to do is add two big dots close together and drag the polish from one of the dots to the other in a curved motion.


A Little Red Dot With French Tips

A beautiful simple red nail design. As you can see by now, French tips are a common trend on this list, and that is because of how easy it is to create them. Not only does this nail design have French tips, but it also has small red dots at the bottom of each fingernail.


Black Dots and a Gold Line

Bring out your smallest dotting and create small black dots. Remember, these circles do not have to be perfect, so it is okay to drag the polish bit. For the shimmer gold line down the middle of the nail, you have two options.  You can either use nail tape or paint it yourself.


White Squiggles

This design is similar to the swirl design, but this one is pretty much like those random doodles in a notebook. This is one of those designs that you can just have fun with the brush.


Starry Brown Tips

This nail design will start with you creating the brown French tips, and then you get to have some fun with the white nail polish. Begin with painting the bright stars first and then randomly add your dots.


A Simple Heart Nail Design

Another pretty simple nail design. All you have to do is paint a straight line, then add your small heart on top. It can’t be easier than that.


Curvy Gold Tips

This golden beauty is similar to the previous design with the black curved shapes all over the nails. The difference for this one is that it is only at the tip of the nail.


Little Black Plants

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